Claiming Refunds for Mis-Sold Credit Cards Due to Irresponsible Lending

Facility Review Ltd offers a specialized service aimed at assisting consumers who have been victims of mis-sold credit cards due to irresponsible lending practices. This service is designed to guide clients through the process of claiming refunds and compensations, ensuring they receive fair treatment and justice for the financial discrepancies caused by such malpractices.

Irresponsible lending with credit cards refers to practices by lenders that do not adequately take into account the borrower’s financial situation, leading to the extension of credit under terms that the borrower may not be able to reasonably manage. This can result in significant financial strain on the consumer, including high levels of debt and potential financial distress. Here are some key aspects that characterize irresponsible lending in the context of credit cards:

Key Aspects of Credit Card Irresponsible Lending

  1. Inadequate Affordability Checks: Lenders might fail to properly assess a borrower’s financial situation before issuing a credit card. This includes not checking if the borrower has sufficient income to manage monthly repayments after their other financial commitments are met.
  2. Misleading Information: Providing false or misleading information about the terms of the credit card, such as interest rates, fees, and the total cost of the credit, which can deceive consumers into agreeing to terms that are unfavorable or unsustainable.
  3. Unsuitable Products: Offering credit cards that do not fit the borrower’s needs or financial situation, such as cards with high limits or rates that are unsuitable based on the borrower’s repayment capability.
  4. High-Pressure Sales Tactics: Using aggressive marketing tactics to pressure consumers into accepting a credit card without giving them adequate time to consider the implications or to understand the terms fully.
  5. Failure to Consider Financial Circumstances: Not taking into account changes in a borrower’s financial circumstances which may affect their ability to repay the credit card debt.
  6. Lack of Transparency: Hidden fees and complex terms that are not clearly explained at the point of sale, which can lead to borrowers unknowingly committing to terms they cannot afford

Identifying Mis-Selling and Irresponsible Lending

The first step in claiming a refund through Facility Review Ltd involves a thorough assessment to identify clear signs of mis-selling and irresponsible lending, such as:

  • Inadequate Affordability Checks: Evidence that the lender did not adequately assess the borrower’s financial capability.
  • Non-Disclosure of Terms: Instances where the lender failed to clearly disclose interest rates, penalties, and other critical terms of the credit agreement.
  • Unsuitable Product Offering: Cases where the credit card offered does not match the financial needs or circumstances of the customer.
  • Aggressive Sales Tactics: Situations where the customer was pressured into accepting the credit card through misleading or high-pressure sales tactics.

Documentation and Evidence Collection

Facility Review Ltd assists clients in gathering all necessary documentation and evidence to support their claim. This includes communication records with the lender, credit agreements, financial statements, and any correspondence related to the credit card application and approval process.

Claim Submission and Negotiation

Once sufficient evidence is collected, Facility Review Ltd will handle the submission of the claim on behalf of the client. The team negotiates directly with the credit card provider to seek a fair settlement, which may include a refund of charges or compensation for financial losses incurred due to the irresponsible lending.

Legal Support and Representation

If the negotiations do not result in a satisfactory outcome, Facility Review Ltd is prepared to escalate the matter. The company provides legal support and can represent the client in further disputes or legal proceedings if required. This includes preparing for and attending hearings, filing necessary legal documentation, and advocating on behalf of the client throughout the process.


With Facility Review Ltd, clients receive comprehensive support in claiming refunds for mis-sold credit cards due to irresponsible lending. From initial assessment to legal representation, Facility Review Ltd ensures that clients are not alone in their fight against financial injustice and are equipped with the necessary resources to reclaim their financial stability.


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