Unaffordable Lending Claims You Can Make with Facility Review Ltd

If you’ve experienced financial strain due to irresponsible lending, you’re not alone. Many people find themselves burdened by debts that were offered without proper checks or clear explanations. At Facility Review Ltd, we specialize in helping you navigate the complexities of reclaiming your financial independence through various claim types. Whether you’ve been mis-sold a credit card, guarantor loan, store card, or car loan, we’re here to guide you through each step of your claim.

Credit Card Claims

Credit cards are common financial tools, but they can also be sources of significant financial distress when mis-sold. Unfair practices might include unclear terms, excessive fees, or failure to assess the borrower’s financial situation properly. If you feel you were irresponsibly sold a credit card, Facility Review Ltd can help you understand your rights and potentially claim back charges that should never have been imposed.

At Facility Review Ltd, we specialize in handling claims for mis-sold credit cards from a range of providers, ensuring that you get the justice you deserve. Whether your issue arose from dealings with Vanquis, Marbles, Aqua, Capital One, or any other credit card company, our expert team is equipped to help. We understand the nuances of claims associated with these providers and are adept at navigating their specific processes to maximize your chances of a successful claim. If you suspect that you’ve been mis-sold a credit card, don’t hesitate to reach out; we’re here to assist you in reclaiming what is rightfully yours.

Guarantor Loans Claims

Guarantor loans require a second party, usually a friend or family member, to agree to take responsibility for the loan if you cannot make the payments. These loans can be fraught with issues, particularly if the terms were not fully explained to both parties or if there was inadequate assessment of the guarantor’s ability to pay. Our team at Facility Review Ltd is skilled at handling these sensitive situations, ensuring that both borrowers and guarantors are treated fairly.

Store Card Claims

Store cards often come with enticing initial offers but can quickly lead to high levels of debt due to high interest rates and hidden charges. If you were offered a store card without adequate explanation of the terms, or if your creditworthiness was not checked, you might have a claim. We guide you through the process of identifying mis-selling and help you claim compensation where due.

Car Loan Claims

Car loans are another area where financial mis-selling is prevalent. Issues can include the misrepresentation of the interest rates, the total cost of the loan, or insurance products that were unnecessary or unsuitable. Facility Review Ltd has expertise in identifying these discrepancies and supporting your claims for redress.

Claims Against Mis-Selling Companies

In addition to individual claim types, we also specialize in taking action against companies known for their irresponsible lending practices. We maintain a comprehensive database of companies with histories of financial mis-selling and guide you through the process of making a claim against them.

How Facility Review Ltd Supports Your Claim

At Facility Review Ltd, we believe that everyone deserves fair financial treatment. Our team is dedicated to providing clear, understandable advice tailored to your specific situation. We support our clients through:

  • Personalized Consultations: Discuss your situation with our experts to find the best path forward.
  • Document Handling: We manage all necessary documentation for your claim to ensure everything is filed correctly and on time.
  • No Win, No Fee Policy: We operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, meaning if you don’t win your claim, you don’t pay us anything.

Take the First Step Today

Mis-sold financial products can put a strain on your life, but you don’t have to face it alone. Contact Facility Review Ltd today to schedule a consultation and start the process of reclaiming your financial autonomy. Visit our website for more information on how we can help or to read about the experiences of others we’ve assisted. Remember, your journey to financial recovery is just a phone call away.


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