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Why Claim PPI?

Why Claim PPI?

If you believe that you have been Mis Sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), then you may be entitled to significant compensation. However, many are dissuaded from claiming for a number of reasons. Credit Claims is here to offer support and advice to those who believe they may have been Mis Sold PPI.

I’m Daunted by Banks and Lenders

It can seem like a difficult and daunting task, tackling huge banking groups. The attempt to persuade skilled, experienced bankers that they provided a disservice and wrongly took significant funds from you may seem like an uphill struggle.

This is the main benefit of a Claims Management Company. The skilled, experienced staff will contact the bank or lender in question on the customer’s behalf. This completely alleviates the stress and worry of having to contact the bank or lender directly. The experience of Credit Claims skilled claims advisers can often help increase the likelihood of a favourable compensation package.

It is possible for a customer to go through an entire successful claims process without having once to contact the bank or lender directly.

Isn’t it all a Scam?

The PPI scandal has attracted some negative press recently. Unethical ppi claims companies have been contacting many consumers through cold-calling and cold-texting. This has led to significant mistrust of the industry. These companies only represent a minority.The negative press has unfortunately overshadowed the good work that is being done by many seeking justice for those Mis Sold PPI.

In the past two years, millions of Britons have successfully reclaimed PPI Compensation, many with the aid of a Claims Management Company. This number looks set to grow with more money being reserved by the country’s largest banks and lenders regularly.

To date, UK banks and lenders have reserved over £12bn to compensate those who were Mis Sold PPI. See our database of testimonials to discover the large number of success stories that those who were Mis Sold PPI have enjoyed.

It all seems a lot of work!

Those who do not feel as though they have the time to make a PPI Compensation Claim will be relieved to discover that a Claims Management Company will do all of the leg work for them. After taking a few details from you, we will then contact the bank and complete all of the work.

Not only does this alleviate the burden of doing the leg work, it can also serve to increase the likelihood of a successful claim. Our experienced team of claim advisers are skilled in the art of reclaiming Mis Sold PPI for our customers.

With no initial fee and potentially significant returns, starting the claims process is a risk-free venture that could be hugely beneficial financially.



I cannot believe how much I got back. I honestly thought I wouldn`t get a penny, I am over the moon with what you have done for me.

Norman Theaker got back £6,200 from Halifax

What a result! I can't thankyou enough. Your advisers were always helpful and polite and did all the hard work for me.

Mike Maroney got back £35,000 from RBS

I have recommended the company to two friends and my daughter-in-law and used my reclaimed money to have a holiday and help my family.

Pam Flynn got back £4,700 from Lloyds TSB

The last 12 months have been a real struggle on the business front so the timing really could not have been better.

Stephen Burgess got back £40,000 from Barclaycard