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Mis Sold Investments

Mis Sold Investments

Over the last decade thousands of people have invested their savings into stock market linked products on the advice of banks and financial advisers – and a significant proportion of them have lost money.Many people simply do not realise that they do not have to accept these losses and that help is at hand. If you have taken advice about your savings from your bank or financial adviser and been disappointed with your returns, you could have a mis sold investments claim.

Unfortunately the sales led culture which has been prevalent in UK Banking for the last two decades, has meant that customers interests were not always put first. As a result we are now reclaiming thousands of pounds in mis sold investments for our clients.Typically, our clients are not wealthy people but savers who have built up large balances, elderly couples who have recently retired and received pension lump sums or the recently bereaved who have inherited funds. The one thing they do have in common is that they have been advised to risk their money when it may not have been right to do so.

Mis Sold Investment – Do I qualify?

The sort of mis sold investments we are successful with incude: ISA’sUnit TrustsInvestment BondsCapital Protected BondsPEP’s and many more.

Here are just a few of the areas we look at when considering mis sold investments:

    • Inexperienced – Many customers have never had a lump sum to invest but suddenly they are faced with Unit Trusts, Investment Bonds, Stocks and Shares, ISA`s etc. Despite this advisers often sign up clients without giving them enough time to consider other options.
    • Health and Age- Were you in poor health at the time of the sale? Did the adviser discuss the implications of investing long term when in poor health or elderly?
    • Risk – Were the risks really explained properly? Did you understand fully what you were signing up for?
    • Cash Reserve – Did the adviser invest an inappropriately high percentage of your savings, leaving you with little cash reserve for emergencies?
    • Outstanding Debts – Did your adviser discuss repaying any loans or mortgages before making your investment?

Mis Sold Investments

The Credit Claims Team

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If you feel you may have a mis sold investments claim then get in touch today.
It does not matter if you no longer have all the paperwork or that your investment is no longer in place, we can still help. You could be owed thousands of pounds in investment compensation. We charge No Upfront Fees as everything we do is No Win No Fee. If we are successful with your claim we simply take 30% plus vat (total fee 36%) from your final payout.

If you would like more general information you can visit our website dedicated to mis sold investments www.mis-soldinvestments.co.uk.If you know the type of investment you had, click on the links below for more information and find out if you have been missold.

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