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    The last 12 months have been a real struggle on the business front so the timing really could not have been better.

    Stephen Burgess got back £40,000 from Barclaycard

    I cannot believe how much I got back. I honestly thought I wouldn`t get a penny, I am over the moon with what you have done for me.

    Norman Theaker got back £6,200 from Halifax

    What a result! I can't thankyou enough. Your advisers were always helpful and polite and did all the hard work for me.

    Mike Maroney got back £35,000 from RBS

    I have recommended the company to two friends and my daughter-in-law and used my reclaimed money to have a holiday and help my family.

    Pam Flynn got back £4,700 from Lloyds TSB

PPI Claims
ONLY 25% Fee

PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) has been mis sold systematically over the years. If you’ve had a loan, credit card, mortgage or any such product in your lifetime, you may well have been sold a policy that was totally unsuitable.

The good news is that the banks lost a recent court case and they now have set aside over £9 billion specifically to repay customers with mis sold PPI. The power is back in your hands, so check your loan, credit and store card statements today and contact our dedicated team to reclaim PPI.

If you feel that you have a claim for mis-sold PPI CALL OUR TEAM TODAY on 01204363979.

Mis Sold Interest Rate Swaps

Many banks have trapped businesses in mis sold interest rate swaps, sometimes known as ‘hedge’ arrangements. These policies were sold as protection against rising interest rates, and cause numerous businesses to face hefty repayments or massive exit costs.

As these arrangements are often written into loan agreements, they can be very difficult to escape, leaving businesses with huge unnecessary costs as interest rates plummet.

However, if your business faces this problem, there is a way to break free and get your money back, without having to pay extortionate cancellation fees.

Mis Sold Mortgages

In recent times, the Financial Services Authority has clamped down on irresponsible lending, but your mortgage could still be completely unsuitable for your financial situation.

Many people have reclaimed on mis sold mortgages over the past decade, and you could be next in line for a payout. Interest-only mortgages have left many people unable to remortgage their home and sub-prime mortgages have frequently been sold to customers who were eligible for far better deals.

Our professional team of experts is helping people claim back mis sold mortgages, especially those people whose homes are at risk due to questionable lending practices.

Mis Sold Investments

We are helping an increasing number of consumers who have been let down with poor investment advice by their banks. Most clients simply did not understand the risks involved in their investment and trusted the bank to give them the best advice.

If you have lost money as a result of an investment then you could have a mis-sold investments claim. Call one of our specialist investment claim advisers today on 01204 363979 or visit our dedicated website mis-soldinvestments.co.uk.